Frequently asked questions

Is BlockP Porn Blocker App compatible with all devices?

Yes, BlockP Porn Blocker Android App works on multiple devices and supports windows applications and android devices.

Is it easy to install BlockP App?

Yes, the BlockP App is easy to install. Just follow some simple steps to install.

Does the BlockP app cause my device to slow down?

No,the app operates in the background and makes sure that any pop ups don’t appear which slows down the device.

How can I choose the right Porn Blocker App?

Check for comprehensive features like reviews, features, filters and compatibility with your device, before installing the porn blocker app.

Can I customize the blocking settings?

Yes, you can customize according to your needs like, Block Screen Timer, Real Time Report, Custom URL and still more.

Does BlockP App allow to whitelist a few websites or keywords?

Yes, Porn Blocker Apps allow you to whitelist some websites and keywords that you want to access for important tasks.

Is technical support available for troubleshooting?

There are more than 200k active users. BlockP support team provides technical help like installation, configuration and resolve issues which can be reached through discord, Messenger, and Email.

Do Porn Blocker Apps require regular updates?

Yes, regular updates are necessary to ensure that the BlockP App stays up-to-date.

Can a Porn Blocker App block multilingual content?

Yes, many BlockP Porn Blocker support multiple languages in blocking the adult content.

Are Porn Blocker Apps suitable for businesses?

Yes, Porn Blocker Apps is useful for businesses and corporations in maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

Will a porn blocker app block access to social media sites?

Porn blocker apps can block harmful content on social media sites.

Is it OK to use porn blocker apps for kids?

Yes, BlockP App is good for parentswho are looking forward to safeguarding their children accessing inappropriate content online.

Are there age limitations for porn blocker apps?

BlockP Software is appropriate for all age groups yet it is advisable to observe the usage of such apps with the help of the recommended age group guidelines.

Are there free porn blocker apps available?

Yes, there are Free and Paid Porn Blocker Apps available, but the free once have have limited features compared to paid versions.